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$135.00 - 8 Week Schedules

$120.00 - 7 Week Schedules

Learn To Skate

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Caroline Baker

Skating School Director


Welcome to Learn-to-Skate Group Classes

at ICE at The Parks!

Our goal is to make the sport of ice skating enjoyable and safe for everyone with high quality instruction for beginning and recreational skaters and to increase awareness of figure skating and hockey programs available to our skaters.

Sport Badge Workshop
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Ice Skating Lessons

  1. Group lessons once a week

  2. 30 minute class lesson

  3. Free skate rental on lesson day (figure or hockey)

  4. Unlimited free admission to Public Sessions during lesson session

    (doesn’t including Synchro and Stroking classes)

  1. 3 free guest admission passes

  2. Each additional family member sign-up will receive a 10% discount

  3. ISI Learn-to-Skate lesson curriculum

  4. Limited enrollment for each level and class day

  5. Classes are offered: Tues. PM, Wed. PM, Thurs. PM, or Sat. AM

Class Descriptions

Note: There will be a $15.00 service charge on all refunds.

Tot 1-4 - Ages: 3-5

For the young ones! – learn how to march, stand, fall down and get up correctly and safely. Games will be used with emphasis on fun!

Pre-Alpha - Ages: 6-14

For the beginner skater. Two foot glides, one foot glides, forward and backward swizzles and backward wiggles. Emphasis is on gliding forward and backward.

Alpha is the first level of the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) program. Skaters may want to register their tests beginning at this level. ISI membership information is available at the front counter.

Alpha - Ages: 6-14

Forward stroking, forward crossovers and snowplow stop.

Beta - Ages: 6-14

Backward stroking, backward crossovers and T-stops (left and right)

Gamma - Ages: 6-14

Forward outside three turns, forward inside mohawk combination and hockey stop.

Delta - Ages: 6-14

Forward inside three turns, forward edges, lunge or shoot-the-duck (choice of 1) and bunny hop.

Freestyle 1-4 - Ages: 6-14

Jumps, spins, spirals, footwork and edges.

Adult - Ages: 15+

Beginning, intermediate and freestyle classes for teens and adults.

Hockey 1 & 2 - Ages: All

Skaters must pass the Pre-Alpha class before registering for Hockey classes. Learn to turn, stop, forward and backward crossovers.

Girl Scouts Program

CALL 817-419-0095 and SIGN UP TODAY!

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Learn To Skate

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Class Notes

All Learn-to-Skate students must wear a mask during their class.

Learn To Skate

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